The  U.S. Postal Service® is enhancing the mail experience with Informed Delivery – an free notification service that provides eligible residential consumers with a daily digital preview of their household’s mail. Now customers have the convenience of knowing what is coming in the mail anytime, anywhere, even while traveling. This feature also ensures that everyone in the household sees the mail each day, not just the person that retrieves the mail from the mailbox.

Mailers can also benefit from participating in Informed Delivery campaigns, providing an unprecedented opportunity to engage consumers and expand their marketing reach through synchronized direct mail and digital campaigns that allow users to take immediate action on a mail piece.


Participating consumers receive an email containing grayscale images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces that will be arriving soon. The black and white images of your mail pieces, processed by USPS sorting equipment, will be provided to you each morning.

The process is simple:

  1. Consumer signs up for Informed Delivery
  2. Mail is imaged during processing
  3. Images are matched to delivery points and mailer interactive campaign is applied
  4. Email notification is sent to user
  5. User receives physical mailpiece

Ready to sign up for Informed Delivery?

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                What Consumers Are Saying

Many consumers are already using Informed Delivery.
Here’s what they have to say:

  • 97% of users would likely continue as a participant
  • 88% of users would recommend Informed Delivery to friends, family, and colleagues
  • 70% of notifications are opened daily (on average)

Data from NY pilot survey results conducted in February 2016.

      The Value of Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery can help mailers increase their marketing campaign reach with a synchronized physical and digital touch point.

  • Receive multiple impressions from a single mailpiece.
  • Enhance the customer call to action with interactive digital content.
  • Connect with customers whenever, wherever — even as they travel — through a computer or mobile device.


Informed Delivery offers business mailers an unprecedented opportunity to engage users through an integrated mail and digital marketing campaign that generates additional consumer impressions, interactions, and insights. Mailers can enhance their hardcopy mailings by conducting a campaign that includes an image (or images) and a website link (URL). This information will appear in the user’s email notification and dashboard on®.

Informed Delivery Value to Mailers

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