Reach More People with Multi-Channel Marketing

From traditional media to online digital channels, consumers have more choices than ever accessing and receiving information. The challenge facing marketers today is designing seamless experiences that allow consumers to access brands using multiple channels and digital devices. A successful multi-channel marketing campaign is one that coordinates channels to keep a brand and its message in the forefront of consumers minds.

Direct mail offers qualities that other marketing channels can’t deliver and because of this it remains an indispensable marketing tool. From personalization and high response rates to tracking and measurable results, direct mail is a dynamic addition to multi-channel campaigns.

Multi-channel Campaign

Boonie's Boot Company is a great example of a multi-channel marketing campaign. From direct mail to social media, the company coordinated a $50 off promotion across multiple channels and were able to track and capture vital information to measure the success rate of the campaign, and gain information for future marketing purposes.

Coordinating Direct Mail with Marketing Channels

Direct Mail markets your products and services like no other channel with terrific targetability and penetration. Pairing online channels with direct mail creates a more effective marketing campaign. Watch the short video to learn how PremierIMS can help take your campaign to the next level.

Learn how PremierIMS can coordinate your direct mail in a multi-channel campaign.

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